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There was a time when one had to go to Los Angeles USA to do a prosthetic makeup artist course in India. Prosthetic makeup artists had to be called from abroad to India for prosthetic looks and SFX makeup for Indian films. But now you can do a prosthetic makeup artist course at RVMUA International Makeup Academy Delhi. Things are changing rapidly in the makeup industry and the demand for prosthetic makeup artists is increasing rapidly in the Indian film industry. Our actors are making steady progress in this field, in some capable films, many actors have got this kind of make-up done. Like- Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan and other artists and movies like:- Paa, Chhapak, Chhichhore etc.

   We also have a Prosthetic Makeup Lab in Delhi, where Prosthetic, SFX, and Character Makeup expertise is becoming an attractive area for both established and newcomers. And, I believe now is the right time to enter the entertainment industry to learn Prosthetics, SFX, HD, and Character Makeup and make the most of the ever-growing sector in India.

   Unfortunately, however, Indian students do not have many reliable institutes in the country to learn artificial makeup. Many people still choose to go to America and other super countries to learn prosthetic makeup. But now the prosthetic makeup artist course has started in Delhi, Riya Vashist has introduced the world to many new forms of makeup. You can do a prosthetic makeup course from their Academy.

The entire process of measuring an actor’s face, making his mask, and painting it in the lab takes about three to four weeks. Sculpting is an essential skill in this profession. Even the wrinkles and facial expressions of the actor are sculpted on the latex mask. An actor’s natural face is hidden behind him, which hides his true features and expressions. If you want a character, watch the popular movie Paa in which famous actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan played the role of a child suffering from Progeria syndrome, and you will find it difficult to recognize Amitabh in that. The folding is all because of the prosthetic make-up, even if it’s just for one scene. You can also design hair in it

In a latex prosthetic, you have to create an entirely new character, which is usually done in consultation with the director and costume designer. We first read the script and then create the visual in Adobe Photoshop and/or ZBrush to finalize the look before creating the mask.

Why Choose Us

  • Our course is suitable according to market needs for everyone.
  • You can learn artificial makeup and makeup fx at different levels – from basic to advanced professional levels.
  • You will learn how small/medium flat prosthetics are sculpted, how to mold using different materials, how silicone tools are made, and how they are applied.
  • You will learn and work with high-quality materials and equipment used by professionals in the film industry.
  • You do not need any previous experience to join us as all our courses are well suited to the needs and abilities of our students. You will get practical exposure from the academy because we also do make-up for clients.

Fee Structure of Prosthetic Makeup Artist Course 

Our academy provides such expensive courses at a reasonable cost as compared to the rest academy, and we take 150000 for 30 days course, also offer internships and scholarships.

If you are also thinking of doing a Prosthetic Makeup Artist course in Delhi, then definitely contact RVMUA International Makeup Academy once. We have many international makeup artist certificates. Our team does their level best to make you perfect as per your expectations.

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