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RHEAA VASHIST also known as RIYA VASHIST Prosthetics Fx designer at RV Sfx lab,
Internationally ( Hollywood ) trained leading celebrity makeup artist par excellence who has mastered the art of Prosthetics fx Special Effects, Character as well as Beauty makeup artistry. With diverse makeup skills, Riya, a graduate in Prosthetic and Special Effects from the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, Hollywood , the United States of America enjoys the benefits of having worked on various genres that range from Bollywood blockbusters to short independent films. She has worked on as FX Prosthetic artist,notable films such as Its Time To Wake Up Rohan (Shortlisted for Cannes Film Festival Etc. Also worked with Hollywood Actress Rain fuller
With a career spanning over 16 years, Riya, one of the most acclaimed international makeup artists and prosthetic expert dominates the glamour industry with a massive list of celebrity looks and TV commercial makeup roles to her credit.

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I am an actress who has worked with Riya on an international feature film - she is one of the best make up artists I have come across in over 5 years working in film and TV! She maintained a natural look that suited my role while enhancing all the right features in just the right way...and she is quick! What makes her so good is the way she enhances the features, I've never felt prettier, while still looking natural. Highly recommended.
Rain Fuller
Riya is one of the most pros to work with, a quick brief was given and she was all set, a true artist the make up she does is simply clean and creative. She adds many charms to your concept. A humble modest proactive person she is a an amazing person to work with in a team. As a photographer I prefer conceptual work and she just picks ups my wavelength and mindset.
Ritika Jojo
Riya was the first make up artist I worked with way back in 2007 and needless to say, she's probably the only person I can trust my make up with till date. A blend of adequate knowledge and a perfect understanding of the requirements of various skin tones, features and the demanded look of the character is what makes her makeup seamless and sets her apart from her contemporaries
Poornima Sharma
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